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  • #Iwill confront patriarchy and ask difficult questions.
  • #Iwill teach the language of consent to my children.
  • #Iwill minister to women and those who have been abused.
  • #Iwill make space for stories of abuse.
  • #Iwill challenge my faith community to be self-reflective in the ways it perpetuates abusive culture and behavior.
  • #Iwill break the silence on abuse and subordination of women.
  • #Iwill challenge myself to examine my own behavior and relationships.
  • #Iwill apologize.
  • #Iwill seek resources and expertise I need to heal.
  • #Iwill practice self-care when triggered or exhausted.

Engage you faith community

  • #WeWill make our Church a sanctuary for survivors and silence breakers.
  • #WeWill examine our leadership structures and power dynamics to remove barriers for reporting.
  • #WeWill listen to women and empower all people as equals.
  • #WeWill reflect on institutionalized sexism, misogyny, classism, racism, and homophobia that perpetuate a culture of abuse.
  • #WeWill practice radical inclusion and transform our liturgy and prayers to affirm all people.
  • #WeWill reject patriarchy and refuse to replicate it.
  • #WeWill teach loving consent, respect, and moral autonomy.
  • #WeWill continue the conversation until it brings action and justice to our Church and world.


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